What is the best CRM software for your company ?

For a company who is starting to grow its business, having a CRM software is essential. It helps you be organised, have everything on a same software, but also update easily customers data, in order to communicate in a better way with your customers as well as your co-workers. For your marketing team and for your sales team,, it’s important to have a customers file updated. However, you need your CRM software to be compatible with your needs, your activity, your company size, etc…

Each CRM has its special features and is designed for different kind of companies.

For small companies, we recommend CRM softwares such as Highrise and Microsoft Dynamics.

Microsoft Dynamics is integrated with the Micrsoft Office Pack, so it helps you be more organized. Moreover, it offers a storage space of 5Go in the cloud.

Highrise is a CRM software which is more adapted to start-up businesses. Not expensive, created for companies from 6 to 40 employees, this CRM is only available on mobiles. This sofwtare is designed for companies that are “nomadic” and comfortable with new technologies.

Zoho is a totally integrated into a marketing automation system as well as a lot of possible integrations for different uses such as mass mailing or automation workflow.

Vtiger is a CRM made for small and medium size businesses. It has all the features of a CRM software, with a integrated billing system, a payment software, and the possibility to do a “made to measure” service. Besides, Vtiger is available on mobiles, which is practical for sales representatives who are often away. Sage CRM, like Vtiger, is aimed at SMB. Their services are similar.

Sellsy, very new French CRM, is designed for very small businesses et freelancers. It has a nice price-quality ratio. An integration to a billing system is also available. Sellsy offers learning and tutorials to understand all the functionalities of their CRM softwares : this is what we can call the French touch 😉

NetSuite is a CRM software for all kind of companies, with a pricing starting at $500/month. So, this software is aimed actually at companies which are already well installed and with a necessary budget for this kind of investment.

E-Deal is the market leader of the French CRM softwares. Its main targets are the mid-market companies and big companies. The pricing is personalised, that is to say that each person chooses the features he needs.

However, you can also opt for famous time-tested CRM softwares.

Pipedrive is one of the most emblematic CRM softawres. It is very easy to understand and fits a lot of business models. Cheap, with only 12€/month/user, it has many integrations and connections, including to Google.

Salesforce is THE leader on the CRM softwares market. It is designed for all companies, from small businesses to very big companies. It allows you to keep an eye on your opportunities, your tasks and your events. Moreover, you can do a global reporting, create quotes and invoices, manage your mass emailing. Nonetheless, Salesforce doesn’t offer any personalisation concerning your selling process, and is one of the most expensive softwares.

Sugar CRM specialised in CRM softwares for small and medium-size businesses. It offers a total automation of the workflow, as well as a big storage space in the Cloud.  This tool adapt to suit your working methods and allows you to have many configurations. However, it doesn’t have any analytical tool available.

More and more CRM softwares have inegrations that give you a bigger centralizing and then a more important productivity. GetEmail will be soon integrated with SalesForce. Why SalesForce ? Because it is the CRM softwares the most used around the world. Thereafter, we will determine which CRM software we would to be integrated with, thanks to our users remarks.

What are our other services (and our new strategic priorities) ?

We just started a few months ago, so we offer the GetEmail plugin for the moment, as well as a listing service that allows you to have a list of prospects that you choose the criteria of. We already have more than 1000 users and we are growing very fast.

We have some new projects to grow our business, for example a CRM software that would allow you to send your emails directly from GetEmail with beforehand defined templates. Therefore, you would follow in a better way your emailing campaign. This is only a project for the moment because it takes time to developp it. So, in a near future, we will integrate GetEmail with more CRM softwares, to make your database easier to manage.

Moreover, our main goal is to improve everyday the quality of our service, that is to say the percentage of email addresses we are able to find to keep our position on the market of the email finding tools.

Why should you use GetEmail while you could find email addresses manually ?

If you have ever tried to find a professional email address manually, going on tens of websites, or simply trying to guess this email address, you probably spent a lot of time doing so. According to our studies, we know that it takes you around 5 minutes to find an email address “by hand”, while it only takes you a few seconds with GetEmail. Let’s imagine you search for 25 contacts/day : at the end of the month, we save 30 hours of your time ! We know your time is precious and our mission is to save it as much as possible.

Why should you use GetEmail rather than another similar service ?

You probably already asked yourself why you should use GetEmail while there are some other existing services that do almost the same job. We are going to help you understand better. Please note that our success rate (percentage of email addresses we find) is currently around 70% (we were around 40% when we started, it shows how fast we are developing our activity), we have an enthusiastic and skilful team who works hard to provide you an efficient service that answers all of your needs, no matter how diversified they are.

When you sign up on GetEmail, you have one free and unlimited week of test, so that you can try our application and see by yourself how useful our tool is. Our price-quality ratio is pretty competitive, our aim is to maximise your satisfaction.

Besides, when our application finds an email address, the reliability rate is over 90%, only 10% of the email addresses are wrong ! As a result, GetEmail is, once again, a key player on the market of the email finding tools.

Our story


GetEmail is a French startup located in Paris, created in january 2016 by two engineers. We have created an application in the form of a Google Chrome Plugin that allows you to find any professional email addresses you might be looking for, in a matter of seconds ! It is very helpful when you need to grow your business.

Our team is composed of our two co-founders, our CEO, Gabriel Cian and our CTO, Nicolas Bahout. We also have 2 client service managers/marketing managers, Amélia Wingel and Jessica Lecerf, who are there to make sure your experience with GetEmail is as delightful as possible.

GetEmail is still a young company but we have big ambitions and we hope you will continue the aventure with us.

See you soon on GetEmail !

How do we find email addresses ?

On the LinkedIn page, our tool find the email address using the first name, the last name and the domain name of his company. We “scanned” a lot of websites to find the email format of millions of companies. Then, we recreate the nominative and professional email address of the prospect you would like to get in touch with.

Our method is extremely simple but the time saving for you is huge ! Manually, it would take you around 5 minutes to find an email when it only takes you a few seconds with GetEmail. If you search 20 email addresses per day, GetEmail saves 2 hours of your precious time !

Here’s some additional Q&A for people who have additional questions:

  1. do we use the email addresses of our signed up users to provide our service?

No, we don’t, it would be a total nonsense! First of all, it would be unfair to our uses we value and respect. Second, we have 500k+ users, most of them using personal email addresses, whereas we only deal with B2B email addresses. Third, we are able to find out hundreds of millions of B2B email addresses, why would we bother with 500k+ email addresses? Last but not least: let’s imagine for 1 second the unimaginable, if we really wanted to use our users’ data, our users sign up, most of them only give their first name, and their email address… how would we know who they are ?

2. do we sell our users’s database?

No, we don’t! Our community of users is the most valuable asset we have. Our business is in bringing people on board to use our service for free, and offer the ones who like it and want to use it more paid plans, to cater to their needs. This is the only source of revenue we have.


Why can’t GetEmail find all the email addresses ?

As you probably noticed, GetEmail doesn’t find 100% of the email addresses you look for, we will explain you why. Some of your prospects have incomplete LinkedIn profiles, the name of their company is not always mentioned for example. Some people are also jobless, so we are not able to find their email addresses since they are not linked to a company.

Likewise, if you have ever tried to contact a freelancer with GetEmail, you probably encoutered some difficulties to find his/her email address. This is not surprising since the company is unknown, so it can’t be linked to any LinkedIn company page. Moreover, thanks to many feedbacks we have received, we know that GetEmail doesn’t work well on composed names or people with several last names (as in the Spanish speaking countries), but we work hard everyday to improve our service and be in a position to find those more complicated email addresses.