Do you write emails? Yeah, it is a pretty common question. Of course you do! You write an email probably the best piece ever written by you. Probably the best pitch of your million dollar idea. You induce all of your study and emotion to get that lead into your pocket. But one sec, how do you find an email? 

Have you thought about how search engine works? How we could come up with the results we need on a single click! Can you think of something which works the same in case of finding contacts and professional emails? I would jump if something can do that. I don’t need to spend my hours stocking websites and profiles to find that one email where I can reach out to my prospect. Yes, life becomes easy if technology can help you out with your routine. 

The so called email finders can do it for you. An email finder is a tool which searches emails from the web of internet with the use of different algorithms. It can be identified as a search engine for emails.  

Typically a search engine works on a concept of crawling through the web pages and finding the matching content with your search term. You have got billions of web pages in the internet and the search engine works on a smart algorithm to find the right web page matching your requirement with the use of keywords. Isn’t it interesting? You have got billions of pages traveled in just few seconds! 

When machine learning, AI, and Big data came into the picture the large searches started getting handled by intelligent algorithms. Earlier you had to search exact term of a webpage in order to find the right choice. This is like you have to know the exact content in a website to find it. In 1990 the first search engine was only able to find FTP sites in order to create the index of downloadable files. As time passed the search engines evolved. Today, just a single word can give you millions of results in your blink of an eye.    

Yeah! But what it is to do with my email finding hustle? Good question! The answer somewhat resides into the story mentioned above. If we can find whatever we want in the internet, then why can’t we find the professional emails of our prospects? Isn’t it efficient to build a tool which can crawl through the websites and find me the right person? Just an email! It will do. There is no doubt that email outreach is the best and professional way to approach a prospect. 

If you will search over internet you will find tons of email finders claiming the efficiency and authenticity of emails they find. But you can try it out that not most of them are reliable. That’s why there is a myth that email finders can take privacy but it is not true all the times. There are few SaaS products which are authentic and secure for your email search. is the leading B2B freemium SaaS email finder tool which is at the top in case of quality and efficiency. It is Machine learning and big data based platform which just finds emails via name and professional domain format as well as via a very fast chrome extension which works on LinkedIn too.

You may find so many good looking websites in market and you will even fall in love with their user interface. But if you are looking for a platform which gives you most successful searches then you should try If authenticity and time efficiency are your requirements then you should definitely visit   

Let’s have deep interesting dive into the story that how born. 

It was one of those regular lazy afternoons in the office. Employees were busy with their day-to-day schedules. However, they were spending more time just figuring out the email addresses of their firm’s hierarchy. It was then; Gabriel came up with an algorithm that helped their fellow mates to find the email addresses in a matter of seconds.

This is how the story of website ideation began. Gabriel Cian, a B2B expert & a serial entrepreneur, has donned many feathers to his entrepreneurship cap. While working for one of his organizations, he found that most of the employees consumed tons of time just to figure out the email addresses of the concerned. It was wasting the teammate’s efforts to find the right contact through the trial & error method. Productivity had also slowed down and trickled down to many affairs.

Gabriel found an opportunity in this adversity and figured an application that helps him and the team find contacts in no or limited time span. During the trial days of this algorithm, he ideated to go big! To create software that can render the professional email address of any person working in this whole wide world.

It would require building an extensive database and artificial intelligence that can take care of the data. The AI would also need to update the data with the new contacts and validate the existing ones with utmost accuracy. Gabriel collaborated with his co-founder Nicolas Bahout, who is one of the very few people on earth to place the satellite into orbit. Together they created this masterpiece of a website. 

They intended to offer these B2B services to the sales and marketing department of every industry. As with the changing times, the sales and marketing strategies have also evolved. This field is yet to tap into computerization & optimization. And catering to them with a fast-paced technology would mean growth to both parties.

Sales & marketing has many tools to help them sort their work pipeline into creating a deal. However, there are seldom any tools that produce leads or support in finding one. The founders’ goal has always been to provide quality over quantity. assists its user in finding the email addresses and ensuring to find the right ones.

Sure, you might not discover the website to be colourful or eye-catching. It might not have the grandeur like the competitors. But, the pace at which it can produce you a result is incomparable. With the state of art AI and big data algorithms, ensures to give you accurate results. The efficiency is over 80%, which is higher than any other websites that claim.

The founders have also collaborated with LinkedIn in creating a chrome extension to this professional networking website. It helps the user to get to access the professional email addresses of the people they network with. has always been a go-to website for many sales and marketing heads around the globe. From the time of its inception, has been growing organically through LinkedIn and Google searches. However, it was during the pandemic it was recognized by millions of professionals in the world.

Pandemic did bring the world to stand still. However, the big businesses had to be resumed. So, they shifted from physical to virtual. A lot of lead generation and pursuing the leads are being done through the email platform. Did you know? Roughly 306.4 billion emails were sent and received each day in 2020; the figure is expected to increase to over 376.4 billion daily emails by 2025!

These statistics prove how the world is adopting the new change for good and how the traffic is trickling down to our website eventually. Since email has become the most influential source of information for B2B audiences, they are using email finder tools such as ours to expand their contact base for lead generation. 

Some of the insights as to how our website is growing from 2020,

  •  In just 2 months during the pandemic (April 2020 – June 2020), the website visits have doubled.

  •  The active users of this website are from the USA, UK, France, India & China countries.

  •  Currently, it has over 500,000+ users worldwide belonging from 150 different countries.

  •  The growth rate of is doubling with each passing year!

These insights prove how efficient and powerful the website is, that many king companies of the corporate jungle are using this tool for their day-to-day usage. Massive firms like Google, Amazon, JP Morgan Chase, Tesla, etc are finding this tool very productive than any other in the current market. is used by marketing, sales team, recruiting executives, etc. It is not just what we have to say but, the professionals who have also used this website claim the same. Here are some of the testimonials from our users,

“Our intent is to have a formal communication at a business level, not just a personal level. My favorite feature I guess is its simplicity. You type in the name of the person, you want to find an email address and the company names and it will come back within minutes or many seconds.” 

– Paul V, President& Founder of Stony Hills Advisors.

“With, I am solving the problem of not having resources or the correct contact information for the magazines we would like to reach out to, the partnership we would like to create. And it just saves time overall. So, it is a beneficial resource for our whole team in several different industries, not just one. A promising app of the future.”

-Keilah Johnson, Founder of Truth in Chaos Foundation (NPO) 

“It’s very simple to use. Just add the chrome extension to your browser. Whenever you open any LinkedIn account, the extension will be seen right below the profile picture. Emails will be differentiated as valid, ugly, and bad.” 

-Rahul R, Researcher

There are some of the snippets from its users. It only proves that is the best tool to work with & it provides quality over quantity!

“If you’re running a real business, email is still the most effective way to universally reach people who have expressed interest in your product or site. For that, it really can’t be beaten.” 

– Colin Nederkoorn (founder Customer.IO)

Why Email?

Every day, over 290 billion emails are sent. By the end of 2023, this number is estimated to surpass 347 billion daily emails. Email marketing tactics have evolved. What worked five years ago doesn’t work anymore? 

Email marketing is always the most successful marketing channel for every industry globally, with a return on investment of $51 for every $1 spent. Is your email marketing campaigns generating a solid return on investment?

However, remains an essential component of every marketing campaign because it is, in reality, the go-to marketing platform for the best online marketers and B2B companies. You may wonder why! That’s because it generates quality results and provides professional email addresses in just seconds! It saves your high-quality time.

Here, we’ll show you how has become very useful and facilitated different industries to reach out the best email marketing tactics to get excellent email marketing and other strategies to grow their business worldwide.

Let’s have a look how Email finders has become very useful and facilitated different industries to reach out the best email marketing tactics to get excellent email marketing and other strategies to grow their business worldwide.

1) The Service Sectors in the Global Economy

Many countries’ economies are becoming increasingly reliant on services. The transition from agriculture to manufacturing took centuries in the world’s economies, but the Internet’s rise has sped up the process.

In the United States, value-added in the service-producing sectors accounted for 78.9% of total value added ($13.1 trillion) and 86.3 percent of real private jobs (124 million employees) in 2017. 7 The categories of service operations are diverse and include everything from education and health care to professional business services.

Services are increasingly being delivered—that is, traded—digitally, both inside and across borders. As more people link to the internet and trade digitally with the rest of the world, this trend is likely to continue. To grow this business trend virtually, you must follow the email marketing strategies where would be your best partner to promptly locate every prospect’s email address.

However, services are also poised to play an increasingly important role in many countries’ economic growth due to their growing credibility and value as inputs to traded goods and services. 

2) Stock Marketing Industries

The stock market is a collection of stock markets located worldwide where traders and investors buy and sell shares of publicly traded companies whose prices fluctuate due to supply and demand. 

Also, it supports the economy in the United States. Investors who believe the economy is improving will put their money into stocks because a healthy economy allows businesses to increase their profits on the way to make their connections solid and healthy they always need some professional way to reach out to their investors, traders, and small business holders who help their stock marketing successful around the globe. A healthy economy triggers the growth process of the economic cycle.

Email is the most professional way to communicate with any organization or industry through their professional email address. To contact them via email, has created incredible services for locating email addresses, which has solved stock marketers’ issue of email addresses.

3) Sales and Marketing

A constant effort is made to develop a sales and marketing department. However, it all starts with a clear understanding of each service’s position so that an organization can set clear and realistic objectives. Following that, each department’s growth is contingent on identifying the strategies, which differ depending on how a company prefers to engage with its customers.

Along the way, technology will assist in the coordination and productivity of the operation. Like has improved the engaging way with the customers, Sales, and marketing; Which rely heavily on email marketing campaigns, serving as the gateway to those effective strategies It’s an email verification tool that helps with API access and CSV download expressly for companies in marketing, sales, recruitment, and event management.

It can also help improve knowledge sharing between the two teams, which could help them achieve their common goals of increased revenue and a flourishing company.

4) Social Campaigns

When running an NGO or other social campaign, you must always consider communicating something about your image or selling something. Email marketing is probably the most realistic way to do so, mainly if you run a business that caters to women. It would be profitable if you had these resources at all times to run a successful company.

Customers also look for messages from their favourite retailers or campaigns about making a purchase. People are continuously receiving more emails, making it difficult to view their entire inboxes.

That’s why apps like Email finders provide services to the NGOs and Social Campaigns with the best resources they need to stand out (plus, its team has a wealth of tried-and-true email-sending advice) and create successful email marketing campaigns.

5) Highly Ranked Business Industries in Covid-19

At the time of the pandemic, they’re not sure how they’ll make it with their customers on lock-down, their stores shuttered, their cash flow drying up, and their workers on leave. Despite these dangers, some businesses are seeking ways to succeed. 

The following businesses companies, large and small, like Netflix, Corona virus pandemic, knitting retail, Companies that make wine, Health and fitness, and Fashion, is all taking advantage of new commercial opportunities.

Email marketing and social marketing platforms were exclusively used to connect people worldwide and from many companies that fresh graduates initiated; who has experienced difficulties finding the professional Email address of industries and the customers to reach them out to expand their business

With the world migrating to be online by all means, industry is growing towards more and more online approach email finder can be the crawlers to ease your professional day for sure!