The accelerated technological progress with innovations has made business communication easily getatable than ever. 

One such innovation is Email.

There was a myth among a population of marketing & sales professionals that email prospecting is worthless or just a waste of time.

However, email prospecting remains one of the most popular and advantageous techniques for sales representatives to reach out to their potential clients. And it has proven to give effective results when done well. 

This method gives you valuable information to personalize your current & future messages for your potential client. 

Does this sound similar to cold calling? 

It is like cold calling; however, you will be using the email addresses instead of phone no. in email prospecting.

Email is also among the proven ways to retain existing customers with engaging content.

Often, looking up your prospects’ email addresses to get in touch with them is a strenuous task.  

However, this is not a tedious job for those who have the right tool handy.

In this blog, I’ll share with you the incredible ways to find anyone’s email address in a hassle-free manner.

Let’s go step by step to understand the whole idea clearly.

I highly suggest that you try these methods, one by one, patiently and see the result you are getting from each.

Why do you Need to Find Email Addresses?

Email addresses are significant when you wish to get in direct contact with someone not so easy to reach out to, say, for instance, a CEO, marketing head, CTO, etc.  

Suppose you wish to collaborate with an expert in your niche, you cannot directly call or meet them in person; the best way is to send them a personalized email. And for that, you need to know their email address.

Let us take a few more examples.

Maybe you are a recruiter who wishes to contact potential candidates for a critical position at your organization. 

Or else, you could be a product/service owner and wish to talk to prospects who are more likely to buy your product or service.

At all such points in time, you need email addresses to establish a communication.

Now, that makes sense, right?

The last example is email prospecting, where you research & connect with potential audiences for your service. Generally, the motive is to get a sale done. But many seek other benefits as well, such as business collaboration, information, or a review.

Isn’t it brilliant where instead of waiting for people to visit your website and contact you, you are going a step ahead to address their need with what you’ve got to offer? 

Email prospecting is one such method to introduce yourself as the perfect solution for your client’s problem or situation.

When appropriately done with logic, this could be the best way you would’ve ever encountered to engage with your prospects.

How to Find Your Prospects’ Email Addresses?

That’s the question many ask when they need to establish communication with a prospect or a group of potential audiences who would make great customers. 

So, how do we do that?

Well, it’s as easy as falling off a log with an email lookup tool like 

These tools are lifesaving when you can’t find your prospect’s contact information by yourself.

Specifically, with, all you need to do is input your prospect’s first name, last name, their company’s domain, and then,


you get their exact email address at a stroke. This tool is exceptionally significant for B2B businesses. is popular among many marketing, sales & HR professionals for its ability to discover genuine emails.

It gives you verified email addresses. Thereby eliminates hard bounces, reduces spam complaints, and stops you from getting blacklisted.

In case you are hesitant to spend money on tools, you can still be benefited by choosing the freemium plan just by signing up for it.

Here is the subscription model.

By employing such an email lookup tool, you would save a lot of time prospecting.

While there are many search tools out there in the market, it’s crucial to opt for reliable service. Because when you send emails to the wrong audience, your Email would be marked as spam, which is not good for you. And with incorrect email addresses (the ones that don’t exist), there are high chances of increased bounce rate, which affects your deliverability.

Therefore, it’s always good to try out different email lookup tools, as each search tool may get you various contact details. So if you think is not helping with your needs, you may check out other reliable ones as well.

Alternative Ways to Find Your Prospect’s Email Address

Do you like spending time on the internet exploring new stuff and experimenting with different approaches?

If yes, I believe you don’t mind putting in extra effort to obtain your prospect’s email address.

Now, let me enlighten you with other ways!!!

Google Search Could Help

Search on Google by entering your prospect’s name and see if they own a personal website. In case you spot their website, chances are, you can get their contact details on the “About” page or “contact” page. 

However, if they have displayed only their sales team or helpdesk email address (e.g., [email protected] or [email protected] ), I suggest you not use it to contact your prospect. 

It is better not to use those email ids because the person who handles the mails sent to such email addresses might not be accountable for responding to the kind of Email you send.

And all your effort may end up landing on the trash box.

Social Media is a Great Place to Check

The other way is to look over their social media handles such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube Channel, etc. Sometimes, you may luckily find their email address right from their bio.

Let’s take a glance at how the search process would be in each of these platforms.


Twitter is a widely used social media handle. Nearly 75% of B2B businesses prefer Twitter for marketing their product or services.

Hence, it’s very likely that many top B2B professionals are available on Twitter. With this, you have an excellent opportunity to find emails of your B2B prospects from their Twitter account.

However, unlike LinkedIn, Twitter doesn’t have a separate section for contact details containing an email address, but with some different approaches, you would be able to discover the email id.

Firstly, as said before, look at their bios. Users typically share their personality, blog links, contact details, etc., in the bio section. 

So, head towards the search box in Twitter App and enter your prospect’s username. When you click on it, you will see the bio details shown beneath the Twitter username on the profile page.

As you might know, the Twitter bio has a word limit of 160 characters, and not everyone lists their email ids over there.

In such cases, you can visit their bio links or websites where you may get their active email ids.

And if they have not entered their website or blog link, check the various tweets done by your prospect. Very often, users share their contact details in their comments. 

You may also find some articles or tweets related to the organizations they work for or blogs they’ve written for someone. You can expect helpful links in such articles, where the user may register his contact details in the author’s bio section of articles.

Have you ever heard about Twitter Advanced Search? It’s a cool feature on Twitter you must try.

So, that was all about finding email addresses on Twitter.


LinkedIn is the largest professional network globally, with millions of employees/ professionals and companies registered. 

And this is one of the highly preferred platforms by B2B marketers to find their prospects’ email addresses & other contact info due to the high conversion rates.

Let me tell you how you should carry out your manual search on this platform.

To begin your search, send a connection request to the prospects. Since it’s a professional platform, people generally accept connection requests even if they don’t know you.

Then, go to their profile and click on the “contact info”. It will show you all the details updated by the user.

You can also use LinkedIn search to find your target audience based on their job title, company size, industry, seniority & a lot more criteria. So, before you start your search, you should be clear about your potential audience.

Though most people keep their email addresses and other contact details updated on LinkedIn, public figures don’t share it.

On such occasions, either you can use email lookup tools like or the other ways you will read about later in this blog.

If you wish to scrape bulk emails, the above manual search method won’t suit you.

A simple way to scrape the email addresses from LinkedIn is to install the Google Chrome extension of This extension will help you extract your prospects’ email addresses from LinkedIn quickly and effortlessly. More than sixty thousand users are already using this nifty tool. 

You can even check in the featured section of your prospect’s LinkedIn profile to see their works. This section includes their best post, documents, media, and websites.   

On LinkedIn, I suggest you check the about section because many users keep the about section updated with details explaining their specialization and how they could benefit others with their expertise. In the end, they usually leave their email id & contact no. for other professionals to get in touch with them for their service.

Let us move on to the next platform.


Facebook is a social networking tool used by billions of people across the globe.

This technology helps its users to connect with family and friends, find communities and opportunities to grow businesses.

Over 200 million businesses use the Facebook application to connect with their clients or customers and grow.

To get down to search an email address, first log in to your Facebook account. 

If you are already friends with your prospect, you can surf through your friend list and click on the desired person’s username. It will take you to their profile page.

Now that you are on the profile page, all you ought to do is click the “about” tab right under the cover picture and look through the details updated on the “contact” or “basic information” section over there. Many users keep their “about” section updated with their email addresses, so there is a huge possibility you may find what you are looking for right away. 

To provide their community the safest and positive experiences possible, Facebook gives its users a wide range of options to keep their details private or show them to selective people alone. Hence, you cannot always succeed in your effort to see their contact details.

Yeah, that’s a challenge on Facebook! 

Facebook Messenger

If you are using your laptop or desktop, you’ll have a message icon on the profile page. You could send a personalized message to the desired person. And if your recipient is pleased with your message or your service/product, there are chances that they will share their email address right away to have further discussion with you.

And in case you are using your mobile phone, you have to install the Facebook Messenger App to send messages.

Facebook Messenger is also an excellent way to reach out to your prospect when you don’t have any other option to communicate with them.


Instagram is a social platform where you connect with friends, family, businesses, and anyone you wish to stay connected with easily by following them. 

On this platform, you can find the contact details in the bio section. In some profiles, you can get the prospects’ email addresses. In some cases, where your prospect is a public figure, you will find their personal assistant’s contact details updated to reach out to them, and this is for obvious reasons.

I have seen people trying to send messages to their prospects right through the Instagram message feature. This approach may work out in some cases but not always.

With a direct message, you can tell your prospect that you wish to collaborate with them, or you can inform them that you have a solution to their problem they publicly posted or spoke about.

Make sure that your message is concise, and to discuss this more, you can suggest a video call or an in-person meeting. You can even insist your potential client share an email address to easily reach out to them for further communications.

Send Direct Message to the Prospect

Despite all the methods we have seen so far, if you aren’t able to locate the email address or relevant external links from their social profile, you can go for direct contact with a personal message.  

But that’s not as easy as it sounds in some cases.

Unless your recipient follows you, Twitter doesn’t allow you to send messages to them. 

While on Instagram, Facebook messenger, and LinkedIn, you can send them messages directly.

Remember that your first message is the vital factor for your prospect to decide whether to allow you to message them or block you. So, be cautious about the message you send to your audiences.

Trial & Error Method with Google

Basic Name Queries

You can begin your search with a generic search query for your prospect’s name as shown below,

(Name) + email or email address

(Name) + Contact information

If that doesn’t work, get even more profound and add any further information you may already know about the target person.

This method is quite overwhelming.

Also, understand that this approach wouldn’t get you very far unless your prospect’s name is unique. 

I would not recommend this method if you have time constraints and look for accuracy because it yields desired results less than 10% of the time.

So, it’s not worth spending time on.

Final Thoughts

So, these were some of the ways to look up the email address of your prospects. 

Which one do you think is efficient? 

And how about giving us a try? 🙂

You can test and check our tool for free. And we are sure to give you the best experience ever. has the highest success rate in discovering anyone’s emails on the planet and the industry’s lowest bounce rate.

We have incorporated advanced big data and machine learning algorithms to achieve a high quality of service for our clients.

Finding the email address is the primary and vital part of an email outreach strategy; nevertheless, it’s only half the job.

The rest lies in your email template. Yes, the way you draft your email template can make or break your email outreach strategy.

While approaching your prospect, ensure that your message is professional, personalized, and to the point. 

Try this out and share your B2B prospecting experience with us here.