Email Verification 101

Email Verification 101: Fundamentals you need to know.

We live in a fast-paced world where being online is enough for you to take over the world. Especially post-pandemic, it has become more crucial than ever to communicate online. The most common means of official communication is through email. It is taken to be the most underrated means of contact. But, did you know? for every dollar you spend on email marketing, you get a $42 return on investment!

From a business perspective, email contacts help in reaching out to the masses all at once. There are various reasons why businesses use email communication,

  • It creates a concentrated target audience.
  • You get instant responses for deals.
  • The message is direct and transparent. It is all about buying and selling.
  • Unlike social media, you don’t have to engage or entertain the public.
  • It feels more like one-to-one or personal communication. 

These motives are enough for any business owner to invest in email marketing and contact gathering. However, there is a downside as well that you need to be aware of. Just obtaining the email addresses is not enough. You need to ensure that they are active and running. Because if they aren’t, then there is a greater chance of your company being flagged as spam by the ISP and ESP providers.

Email verification is imperative for business planning. How does it matter, you ask? Before answering that question, you need to know what email verification is and how it impacts the business.

Sending emails to all the contacts in the list is enough as long as its users are actively using them. By email verification, you aren’t only monitoring the address’s authenticity but checking if they are spam traps or catch-all addresses. 

Do you know? 20% of your email registrations comprise invalid or incorrect email addresses. This error trickles down to lower open rates and thus flagging the email service provider to trigger your emails to be spam.

Even the email list accessed through inbound marketing is less likely to stay relevant over a 12 months period. 21% of an average emailing list will not be valid after a year. It is attributed to several possibilities.

In such cases, email verification comes to your rescue. You need to consider a SaaS tool that will help you anywhere, anytime. The email verification tool has the power to access billions of valid addresses at once. It can provide you with a thousand verified emails in just a matter of seconds.

How can the email verification tool adapt to the different requirements? 

Good point! Every business is unique on its own. And, it is obvious that the requirements differ from one firm to another. Some might need thousands of new emails every day, while others might need a few hundred once every two days.

Regardless of the conditions, the email verification tool is designed to accommodate and adapt to every individual’s needs. Here are a few types that you might be able to relate to.

Single email confirmation 

You enter the email address to check whether it is valid or not. The email verification tools help you in checking each and every email address to check its authenticity.

It is helpful for the ones who have fewer email addresses to validate. It processes the email address and prompts you whether it is valid or not. You can only go to another one when you finish processing the current email address. 

Bulk email confirmation

You check the bulk emails when you have a massive list of contacts and wish to figure out which are no longer valid. Bulk email verification helps you to weed out unwanted contacts in just a matter of seconds.

Typically you are required to upload .csv files to their software. Once done – it will run algorithms to detect the ones that are active, inactive, risky and dangerous. You improve the deliverability by checking the email list all at once.

Real-time authentication

It assists you to learn whether the mailbox exists, up and running. All the illegitimate and disposable email addresses are flagged right after a review is performed.

When the information is mentioned in the given boxes, the tool runs a background check. Is it in the right format? Is the domain of the individual legit? If not, then does it belong to any of the bogus websites? After going through all of these steps, the software prompts with an update.

As mentioned already, deducting the bad email contacts can increase your deliverability. To mention them in precise numbers, for every 1% of the updated emails, the deliverability improves by 10%! Resulting in which, the bounce rate decreases and you stay in the good books of ESP providers.

It is not only limited to medium-scaled or smaller companies. The email verifying tools are used by larger corporations too. The fortune 500 companies use these tools to help them expedite their sales and marketing funnels. 

However, everyone has to face the limitations that email addresses possess. Many might prefer to enter a non-existent email ID just to check where the next page lands them. And it is a pretty common practice most people make. It brings the marketing team to a dead end as they cannot access the actual email address of their subscribers. There are furthermore points that a company handles every day. 

What are the usual issues encountered while verifying email addresses?

Bogus Email Address

As mentioned above, habitually, any person sceptical about a website uses a bogus email to check the details of the website. Most of this is lessened by two-factor authentication. The latest technology sends an email to the user to confirm their email address. 

Here, a lot of bogus email addresses get cut – confirming the reliability of the information. But, there are a few that cross over this stage and manage to get the information they need. In such cases, an email verifier comes to your rescue. Using its advanced algorithms, it can detect fake emails right away.

Disposable Email Address

An ID that lasts only up until an hour or a day and expires once it reaches its due time. Many emails providing websites are available online that can cater to such addresses. 

Employing these types of email addresses helps the user to see the contents of your email despite the expiry. A good email verification tool should be able to detect such email ID’s and update you accordingly. If you wish to reduce your deliverability then access tools that detect such self-destructing emails.

Spam Traps

These look similar to the active emails. Sometimes, the email addresses are also created from the ones that are no longer active. Cross verifying them with the existing list will weed out the unnecessary ones.

There is a greater possibility that you will get the email addresses via inbound marketing. Letting you accept them as genuine contact. However, be cautious before sending them any email. The email verifying tool, such as, has a smart spam indicator. It confirms the real emails by looking through the flagged or blocked list.

Catch-all Addresses

As the name itself suggests, a catch-all address is meant to route all the emails to one email address. Let’s say, a company creates one common address like ‘[email protected]’. It becomes a standard address that receives every query and information.

A company has such an email, so they don’t lose any contact they get. Since they get lots of emails per day, it is easy to lose count and open your email. An email verifier assists you in detecting such addresses as well. Once you differentiate, you can approach such email addresses distinctively.

Having said this, you get an idea about how the SaaS platforms work. And how they authenticate each email address and what issues it regularly resolves. 

Each website has its own function and priority. Some prefer to just provide single email authentication, while others might assist you with the bulk ones. Some websites give you only one-time access to check their product. Other websites offer you with few free credits to use before subscribing to it. How are you supposed to know your preferences?

What to look for in an email verification platform

The Success Rate

Success rate implies the number of email addresses that have been validated triumphantly. Many websites claim to provide you with over a 95% success rate. This is good as long as they are doing their job right.

If they aren’t then, there is no point in accessing such websites. claims its efficiency is above 80%. It is more realistic and practical than any other website. This shows that the website is actively checking the legitimacy of the emails without just giving them greenlight unnecessarily.


What are the other offers that the websites can provide? How flexible are they with delivering you the information that you need? Email verifying websites should be able to adapt to your changing demands and needs. provides you with real-time updates for all the email addresses entered. It allows you to check-in bulk as well as single. The speciality of this website is that it comes with a chrome extension to your Linkedin account. Unlike anyone else, you can access the email address of the Linkedin profile you’re looking at; without having to worry about messaging them and crossing fingers for an instant reply.

Speed & Price

Both of them go hand in hand. The more the speed gets the pricier the product becomes. Speed might not be the concern when you check only a few emails every now and then. However, the response rate changes with the increasing numbers for verification.

So, review every website thoroughly for speed before making any investment. Buying a bigger plan for verifying thousands of emails is a lot cheaper than you think. When looking at the price tag, it might seem a little heavy on the pocket. But, when you actually compare the plan and check the return on investment, it is way better to opt-in for a higher package as it lets you access an unlimited number of emails.

Customer Service

Nothing beats better than well-done customer service. Let’s say, you go to a restaurant. You’ve heard pretty great reviews from your near & dear and decided to pay a visit. When you walk in, everything looks great and feels great.

When you call the waiter to order, you get a nasty and unwelcomed response. What would you do? Obviously, you’d walk out and swear to never return. Even if they make the best food in the world. That is the power of customer service. Excellent customer service helps you retain your clients regardless of the quality of the product. is the website that provides you with quality over quantity. It advises the user in finding an accurate email address. Here are some more reasons as to why one should opt for for email verification!

Gives you the numbers

Did you know? Roughly 306.4 billion emails were sent and received each day in 2020; the figure is expected to increase to over 376.4 billion daily emails by 2025! These numbers confirm the advent of emails in the current day. It also trickles down to this website and shows how it is working due by adding the numbers.

Emails have become the most influential source of information, especially to the B2B audience where expanding the contact foundation is crucial for lead generation. This application boomed during the pandemic, where in just 2 months i.e. from (April 2020 – June 2020), the website visits have doubled.

Countries like the USA, UK, France, India and China use this website actively. Right now, it has over 600,000+ users worldwide belonging from 150 different countries. 

All the business teams like marketing, sales, recruitment etc apply this website actively. Fortune 500 firms like Tesla, Amazon, JP Morgan etc find to be more productive than any other email verification website. 

Here are some feedback from its users

“It’s very simple to use. Just add the chrome extension to your browser. Whenever you open any LinkedIn account, the extension will be seen right below the profile picture. Emails will be differentiated as valid, ugly, and bad.” 

-Rahul R, Researcher

“Every marketer agrees that getting in contact with the right end-user or prospect is key to success. This is why I find a really unique and handy tool for my marketing campaigns. Please do not scam or spam anyone. Make the internet safe!”

-Simon P, Digital Real Estate Sales

“I use on a daily basis. It’s absolutely the best tool to navigate and I love how they keep all of your found emails on file for you to easily reference. It’s super easy to use and 98% of the emails I’ve searched so far have turned up accurate. I’ve gotten so much business from this tool. I definitely recommend it!!”

-Tanya Marie, Designer, Owner

These are just a few snippets from satisfied customers. 

But, how does GetEmail verify your address?

The answer is advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence! The software keeps updating its list every often to catch the spam emails and refresh new contacts in the list.

It also performs basic functions as below,

Syntax Check – It confirms if the email address mentioned is correct. The email needs to contain characters, numbers, special characters. It is also required to have the ‘@’ symbol before mentioning the name of the belonging company. And the email needs to end with a secondary domain such as .com,, etc.

MX Record Check – Mail Exchange Records are the DNS records responsible to deliver emails to your addresses. Without a valid MX Record, the address won’t receive any emails. So, curbs such addresses and updates you with its soundness.

Blacklist Check -This word is nothing new to any one of us. A blacklist is a list that we see and have on every electronic device. This list ensures that we don’t send or receive any information from/to the given contact. Similarly, the website creates a blacklist of all the notorious email addresses. So, when you upload your list, it cross-checks and eliminates the ones belonging to it.

Email Ping – It doesn’t literally mean to ping the owner and ask if their address is legit. Instead, it is a primary query sent to the server asking whether the connection is valid. This is to establish a legit kinship. The email verification websites also have such checkers to ensure to give you optimum results.


Hope this article gives you enough idea about how email verification helps in reducing redundancy and increasing efficient business.

Needless to say, having an email verifier such as by your side will surely benefit you in mitigating additional expenses that you have to incur otherwise. Thus saving you thousands of dollars.

With the current world split-shifting to virtual, it has now become more crucial than ever to step up your online game!