LinkedIN limits the number of invites to ONLY 14 / day. Now what?

Dear users,

As you may have noticed (and if not, don’t worry, your turn will come 🙂 ), LinkedIN has been deploying a new release of their user interface, which limits the number of connection invitations to merely around 100 / week, which means 14 / day. If you’re an intensive LinkedIN user, be it for sales, recruiting, partnership, event planning purposes, you are certainly aware of the fact that in order to send a message to a new prospect, you first need to send him a connection invite, and then wait until he/she accepts you as a 1st degree connection. Only then can you finally contact him/her. Well, before, you could theoretically get in touch with 100 of your prospects / day, now only with 100 / week!

If you haven’t noticed this yet, this is only because as with all their new releases, LinkedIN will deploy them progressively over all their user database, just to make sure there’s no major glitch along the way. So you’ll be able to benefit from the old conditions a couple of days, maybe weeks, and then you’ll be switched to the new LinkedIN version, just like anyone else.

Now what?

Are you going to divide your prospecting pipeline by 7? Earn 7 times less bonuses at the end of the month because you’ll sell 7 times less? Hire 7 times less people? Grow your business 7 times slower than you used to?!?

Well, the great news is that here at, we have the solution to this problem. In fact, this has never been a problem for people who use Here’s the thing: our tool will “guess” the email address of any prospect on LinkedIN based on their sole name & company. So there’s no need for you to be connected to that prospect on LinkedIN to use and get his/her email address. You’ll then be able to send him/her a regulare email message.

This is, and has always been, a way more efficient solution than the “traditional” reaching out process through LinkedIN :

  • The traditional LinkedIN invitation process: it has always been limited (before to 100 / day, today to 100 / week). Not everybody answers positively to your invitations to connect, so your real success rate is much lower in fact. It is a heavy manual process, with lots of steps, a total waste of time and loss of productivity (invite people to connect, verify they’re connected, send them a message). If you wanted to follow up in case of lack of response, you had to add yet another layer of complexity, and verify if people answered in first place after say 1 week, and follow up accordinly.
  • The “new, trendy + LinkedIN prospecting process”: you visit the LinkedIN profiles you want to prospect, and then with one click you find out their email address thanks to The prospect email is automatically stored in your account, and you have them all in 1 place. You can then completely automate your process, that is download that database under the form of a CSV, and inject in wherever you need, in your CRM, in your Marketing Automation Tool, in your Newsletter Service, you name it. No more hurdles and never-ending manual processing for your leads!

So, what are you waiting for, log in to and start using our service, it’s free for basic use!