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“We’re happy to announce this year’s remarkable Summer 2021 Leaders” said SourceForge President, Logan Abbott. “ showed that they’re beloved by their users, as evidenced by the large quantity of outstanding user reviews.”

To win the Summer 2021 Leader award, each winner had to receive enough high-rated user reviews to place the winning product in the top 5% of favorably reviewed products on SourceForge, which demonstrates the utmost quality that delivers to customers.

At, we’re excited to accept the SourceForge Summer 2021 Leader Award. We do our best to provide a best-in-class product, and we’re happy to see our users rewarding us with good reviews. We’re honored to be valued by our customers and to be recognized by SourceForge.

Thank you SourceForge!

LinkedIN limits the number of invites to ONLY 14 / day. Now what?

Dear users,

As you may have noticed (and if not, don’t worry, your turn will come 🙂 ), LinkedIN has been deploying a new release of their user interface, which limits the number of connection invitations to merely around 100 / week, which means 14 / day. If you’re an intensive LinkedIN user, be it for sales, recruiting, partnership, event planning purposes, you are certainly aware of the fact that in order to send a message to a new prospect, you first need to send him a connection invite, and then wait until he/she accepts you as a 1st degree connection. Only then can you finally contact him/her. Well, before, you could theoretically get in touch with 100 of your prospects / day, now only with 100 / week!

If you haven’t noticed this yet, this is only because as with all their new releases, LinkedIN will deploy them progressively over all their user database, just to make sure there’s no major glitch along the way. So you’ll be able to benefit from the old conditions a couple of days, maybe weeks, and then you’ll be switched to the new LinkedIN version, just like anyone else.

Now what?

Are you going to divide your prospecting pipeline by 7? Earn 7 times less bonuses at the end of the month because you’ll sell 7 times less? Hire 7 times less people? Grow your business 7 times slower than you used to?!?

Well, the great news is that here at, we have the solution to this problem. In fact, this has never been a problem for people who use Here’s the thing: our tool will “guess” the email address of any prospect on LinkedIN based on their sole name & company. So there’s no need for you to be connected to that prospect on LinkedIN to use and get his/her email address. You’ll then be able to send him/her a regulare email message.

This is, and has always been, a way more efficient solution than the “traditional” reaching out process through LinkedIN :

  • The traditional LinkedIN invitation process: it has always been limited (before to 100 / day, today to 100 / week). Not everybody answers positively to your invitations to connect, so your real success rate is much lower in fact. It is a heavy manual process, with lots of steps, a total waste of time and loss of productivity (invite people to connect, verify they’re connected, send them a message). If you wanted to follow up in case of lack of response, you had to add yet another layer of complexity, and verify if people answered in first place after say 1 week, and follow up accordinly.
  • The “new, trendy + LinkedIN prospecting process”: you visit the LinkedIN profiles you want to prospect, and then with one click you find out their email address thanks to The prospect email is automatically stored in your account, and you have them all in 1 place. You can then completely automate your process, that is download that database under the form of a CSV, and inject in wherever you need, in your CRM, in your Marketing Automation Tool, in your Newsletter Service, you name it. No more hurdles and never-ending manual processing for your leads!

So, what are you waiting for, log in to and start using our service, it’s free for basic use!

Offre Spéciale COVID

Bonjour à nos chers utilisateurs, participe à l’initiative prise par le Gouvernement Français d’aider les petits artisans, commerçants et restaurateurs, durement touchés par la crise sanitaire et économique du COVID-19. Cette initiative vise à aider ces PME/TPE à se digitaliser d’urgence, afin de leur permettre de s’adapter à la nouvelle situation, notamment à travers des outils qui leur permettent les actions suivantes :

-être visibles sur Internet
-être référencés localement
-vendre sur Internet
-proposer un paiement en ligne
-proposer un service de livraison ou retrait
-communiquer avec leurs clients

De par notre service, participe pleinement à cette digitalisation des PME/TPE, notamment en leur permettant de trouver de nouveaux prospects et clients sur Internet, et de communiquer avec eux par email.

Dans le cadre de cette initiative, et d’un commun accord avec le Gouvernement, nous avons décidé d’offrir le service gratuitement, selon les modalités suivantes :

-la gratuite est offerte pour une durée de 3 mois à compter du début de l’abonnement gratuit
-la gratuité pourra être prolongée après les 3 mois initiaux, en fonction de l’évolution de la situation économique en France, mais également de la situation financière de (pourrons-nous offrir cette gratuité pendant plus longtemps sans faire faillite? l’Etat, nos partenaires nous aideront-ils dans notre mission?)
-aucun engagement de durée n’est requis pour cet abonnement gratuit
-l’abonnement offert gratuitement est le pack “basic”, offrant 300 crédits / mois
-l’offre est exclusivement réservée aux PME/TPE en France, dont les points de vente ou l’activité ont été fermés en vigueur des mesures de restriction prises par le Gouvernement

Pour en bénéficier, rien de plus simple: envoyez-nous votre k-bis à l’adresse email suivante : “help point covid arobase getemail point io”, le point étant remplacé par un . et arobase par @.

Nous espérons que ce “petit coup de pouce” de notre part aidera les TPE/PME concernées à s’adapter un peu mieux à la situation actuelle.

Capterra & Gartner parlent de nous !

Bonjour à vous,

Trop occupés pour faire des relations presse, un grand merci à Capterra & Gartner pour avoir identifié notre potentiel, un grand merci pour leur article sur les 10 logiciels française à suivre, dont fait partie :

Notre logiciel est utilisé aujourd’hui par des centaines de milliers d’utilisateurs dans le monde entier, et fournit des performances inégalées sur le marché de l’emailing B2B.

A bientôt!

Why can’t be used for SPAM?

Hello all,

Some potential users feel threatened by, because we “help marketers SPAM” people, so they say. While these fears are totally understandable, this could not be further from the truth. Let’s look a bit closer into this.

First, let’s see the definition of SPAM: “Spamming is the use of messaging systems to send an unsolicited message (spam) to large numbers of recipients for the purpose of commercial advertising” ( This definition implies 2 notions: 1. unsolicited message 2. large numbers of recipients.

Now, let’s look at how works, by who it is used, and how the pricing works. Our service can only be used to find professional email addresses, never consumer ones. It is used by Marketing, Sales & Recruiting Agencies, for business purposes. We offer a free service for basic use, up to 10 email requests / month, and then paid plans, which span from $49 to $399 / month for intensive users.

Finally, here’s why cannot be used for SPAM:

-because our service is only used in B2B, and not B2C, there aren’t that many prospects by market (for example, you have billions of consumers to be sold iPhones for example, but only a thousands of hospitals worldwide for a pharmaceutical company). So by definition, you can’t send “large numbers” of emails.

-because almost all the time, B2B markets have so few prospects, that they need to highly personalize their approach, and target them wisely, to protect their reputation

-suppose a “crazy dude” would decide to use for SPAM purposes. Because it would be SPAM, he would first have to purchase large numbers of emails, which would cost a lot of money (remember, is free for 10 credits / month, but is a paid service for intensive use). Because it would be untargeted SPAM, the conversion rates would be very low, so those SPAM emails would generate a small revenue. So, at the then of the day, he would spend a lot of money on purchasing emails, but he would generate a small revenue. His business would never be profitable. is structurally built to avoid SPAM. It’s more than a question of morality or legality, it’s just too costly to use for SPAM, it’s not profitable.

As a matter of fact, is used by B2B companies, to get in touch with small and hightly targeted B2B leads. This is why it works, this is the only way to make it efficient and profitable.


7 useful tools for the content marketers

7 useful tools for the content marketers


Content marketing refers to the design of a series of content (it could be movies, games, articles, etc.), attracting potential consumers to watch , reading or interacting, to achieve awareness, or to educate consumers, and finally influence their purchase decision. Getemail has listed 7 tools that are useful for the content marketers, each tool is accord with your different needs. 

  1. Stencil (visual content development)


stencilThis tool for creating social images has a free plan for basic use, its paid plans costs from $8 per month. It’s easy to use, they provide an option to add Chrome extensions. While you see beautiful pictures and wanted to add some design on it, you can edit them right away. With this video below, you may find out how easy it is to edit photos.


  1.    Zuum (competitor analyses)

ZUUMZuum is a special website. In addition to monitoring your own website, you can also view the performance of your competitors, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and Google Analytics integration.


       3.  Limber (content marketing automation)

limberLimber is a platform for you to easily manage content marketing campaigns. For community managers, it provides you the ability to centralize all your customer’s content. Limber propose images for your post on social medias, you may schedule your posts and plan multiple shares to extend the lifetime of your content.


  1. Intellyo (content marketing automation)

intellypIntellyo helps you identify your target audience, discover topics that interest them, and determine how you can align your content with your audience. Intellyo’s paid plan starts from $12 a month.


  1. Qualaroo (customer decision analysis)

qualarooWhile having great content in your articles is important , a perfect headline is also essential for attracting readers to click on your topic. Qualaroo is a useful tool that can improve your headline writing, the tool generates headline recommendations based on the analysis of the feedback of customers. While analyzing your headlines, Qualaroo will show you the best choice and the reason why it is the one that can attract the most attention based on their surveys.


  1. The Brain (mind mapping)

the brainWhile having the main points in your mind, before starting to write an article, it is important to have a clear mind mapping in order to be organized. Brain EKP is a perfect tool which provides you to create a road map of your thoughts with links and texts.The Brain’s monthly paid service plans starts from $15 a month.


7.Dasheroo (analytics)

dasherooDasheroo is a perfect free tool for tracking all of the KPIs of your business in one device. It is simply to create and set up the dashboard with their instructions. Dasheroo integrates with lots of different tools such as Mailchimp, PayPal, Facebook, LinkedIn, Shopify, and so on.


Leung Kei

Marketing Responsible

10 Marketing Tools The Experts Use

Text placeholder


email marketing tools:



Moosend is a great tool for email marketing. Moosend provides a fully featured email marketing service such as personalized fields, A/B split tests, reporting/analytics, auto-responders and segmentation.

Its interface is easy-to-use with a simple, modern design. With their free plan, you will have access to all of the features except the dedicated IP address, the free trial lasts for three months and the paid plan price starts from $10 after the free trial ends.




Cakemail is a email marketing tool made for small businesses, with their relatively simple features and an affordable price, you can easily manage and grow your business.  





ActiveTrail is an “All-in-one” email service tool, it is not simply just an email marketing tool, ActiveTrail offers other solutions such as marketing automation, SMS marketing software and online surveys. Their monthly plan starts from €7 with up to 500 contacts and unlimited emails.



direct IQ


DirectIQ is another email service provider for businesses, by few clicks, you may already create your own template. With the free plan, users will have 500 contacts and 2000 sends, the paid plan starts from $12 per month.  


Social media managing tools:



Viraltag is a social media tool, it makes automating content sharing much easier. With this tool, it saves a lot of time for scheduling the posts. Viraltag provides a complete social media report to help you measure your success and grow your business.




Quuu is a third-party platform.By choosing some relevant interest categories that is important to your website and your audience, the tool will automatically forward six related content related to your chosen category every day according to the system. You may also set it automatically to be posted on your Twitter and Facebook through Buffer. Their pricing starts from $19 per month with up to 6 new suggestions per day per profile.




Publbox is a all-in-one tool for social media. They provide features such as post advisor, smart calendar, analytics tracker and design editor. Their video guides are useful, it clearly showed how it works for a new user. Publbox’s paid plans starts from $9 a month, for 1 user and 5 social media profiles.




Combin is a social media management tool for Instagram. It is simple to use and making instagram marketing much easier. With their free plan, you may manage 1 instagram account, 50 search results for posts and 250 daily actions.


SEO tools:


marketing miner

MarketingMiner is a dating mining tool for SEO specialists. It is a great tool to get information from your clients by using their keyword analysing tool. You may also use their tools to  analyse your competitors. With MarketingMiner’s free version, you are allowed to do 330 search volume requests or 100 Google queries.




Webtexttool is another useful and affordable SEO tool, it helps you to improve your content and get a better ranking on Google. Their plugin for WordPress is a huge advantage. Webtexttool provides plans start from $19 per month.




10 Best Free CRM Softwares

10 Best Free CRM Softwares (1)

There are roughly two types of free CRM software, one is called the  freemium model, the kind of free CRM we mostly see on the market, freemium model CRMs usually limits the number of free plan users, contacts, storage, and extra features. The second type is open source software.

However, most of the CRM products on the market are quite expensive as for small and medium-sized enterprises. Therefore, Getemail recommends 10 free CRM software to help you manage your customers and improve your core competitiveness.


1.Free CRM

free crm

Free CRM is the best CRM software in some way. Their free version includes 100,000 contacts, and all the basic features. However, the free version can be only used for free during one year, and there is no technical support.

Free CRM’s upgraded version has a relatively nice price for large and medium-sized businesses. The upgrade costs $29.95 per user per month, including more features, more storage, and technical support.




Raynet’s positioning of its own market is an easy-to-use CRM software. Its free version is available for two users, with up to 150 accounts, 50 MB of storage, and customer support.

Raynet’s system interface is well designed, with the “Account Card” feature,you can see at a glance most of the information a customer needs, including how valuable this customer is to your company.




Interakt has a forever free plan which includes 5000 of total leads, 1500 emails per month and free for one user. Their paid plans start from $41 per month with 50,000 of total leads and 3 users.

Interakt is a great tool for small businesses that needs an affordable and all-in-one solution for customer interaction.


4.Really Simple Systems

really simple systems

Really Simple Systems is free forever for two users, including 100 accounts , unlimited number of contacts and tasks saved under the account, 100 MB of storage, and complete customers for free Support services.

Really Simple Systems is popular among the market because it is very easy to use , it provides excellent user support. Really Simple Systems is designed for small B2B businesses and it is therefore best suited for small businesses, not large and medium-sized businesses.




Cloze has a smart system for finding and managing relationship between your customers. With Cloze, you can easily analyze conversations and find out how are you related to this customer. Their free plan includes the core features and 25k contacts, the upgraded plan with more features starts from $19.99 a month.




Lynkos, a powerful CRM system for the small companies and startups who don’t have a lot of budget to invest on a CRM tool , providing a variety of basic functions, available for up to 2 users for the free version. With a free version, Lynkos offers features such as contact management, sales management, project management and automatic lead search.




Composity, another CRM designed for small businesses, this simple used CRM tool can be easily managed by people with or without computer skills.

The free plan is available for up to 3 users, 200 CRM contacts and 100MB of storage. However, they do not provide customer support for the free plan users. For small businesses searching for an integrated software solution for an affordable price, Composity is a great option.


8. Soffront  


Soffront’s CRM and marketing automation is one of the best in the market, the friendly interface and the complete features has made managing customer information much easier.

Soffront has a free plan, providing 250 contacts per month, basic reports, available for 1 user and basic reports. They do not provide customer service for the free plan.


9.eWay CRM


eWay CRM is one of the best CRM designed for Microsoft Outlook. eWay CRM’s free plan has a 200 MB storage limit, available to use on multiple devices and email support. It is useful as users can easily customize their workflows,forms and user permissions.




Lastly, we have Evolumi, this fast growing company from Sweden provides a wide range of functionalities for . One of the strongest point about Evolumi’s free plan is the unlimited amount of users! Evolumi’s features includes such as contact management, action and task management,insights and email integration.


Leung Kei TSANG

Marketing Responsible



The success in and tips for generating new leads

The larger the company’s development is, the more difficult it is to innovate and act rapidly in terms of growth. However, this rule does not apply to the team of Marc Benioff and They are still ranked as the top 3 in Forbes’ list of the world’s most innovative companies, with a 24.88% of sales growth in 12 months(2017). For these few years, it has secured its position.

In terms of scale, it is almost impossible to imagine that was a company that had only been listed for 14 years. The number of their employees increased from 500 to 29,000. There is no doubt that they have a different point of view when building their business model and methods when they contact new prospects.


The most important thing to a successful sales process: innovative prospecting without cold calling.

Some tips for email marketing:

  1. Check your email response rates
  2. Do not except an instant response, it generally takes 2-4 weeks to develop new leads
  3. Make sure the timing to contact/ talk is correct
  4. Find out what kind of emails are responded and why
  5. If people are not interested, find out the reason
  6. Do not give up easily, unless you were refused by the decision maker
  7. Always follow up a next step


Cold calling 2.0 :Nowadays people are more resistance to the kind of traditional cold prospecting, therefore, the Cold calling 2.0 framework was introduced in the book of Aaron Ross, “Predictable Revenue”. How this new framework differs from the traditional prospecting is, instead of cold calls, doing researches before contacting people,making referral calls will gain you more leads. Besides, sending short and sweet emails instead of long letters and emails will give the potential customers a better impression.

In addition, having more salesperson in the team will not definitely help growing the revenue. In fact, the training program a company provided to the sales reps is relatively more important. When the sales are highly committed to the values and culture of the company, they could present the products in a more natural way during the business selling processes.’s business development strategy

Some tips for the sales managers:

  1. Treat your team members like your customers
  2. Train the sales reps and give them time and opportunities to practice their presentation skills
  3. The quality is more important than the quantity
  4. Learn to listen and give the right support to your team members

One of the key to the success of is the ability to win customers from large organizations. To win over customers, companies must provide strong incentives and a reliable image.

In the beginning of the business, Benioff insisted on setting up a foundation for charity activities. He setted up  a 1:1:1 principle, that is donating 1 percent of the company’s shares, one percent of the annual profits and one percent of the employees’ time to do charitable activities to give back to society. With these activities, it gained good reputation for his company and also earned more support.

Benioff created his own strategic management method, with “V-2-Mom”, this tool created by Benioff, can show the road map of each of the Salesforce products.This is a combination of operational concepts and products. For Benioff, “trust” from the customers is more than anything, even though you have a nice product, without the trust, customers do not stay long, the key to gain trust, is to first have employees who trusts themselves and the organization commitment that they are being an important part of the firm.



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State of Chatbots

Chatting robots, a computer program designed to simulate conversation with human users, especially over the internet. In fact, what they can do, by all means, is not just chatting with the user. Chatbots can develop tools with different functions according to the builder’s different purposes. This also shows that in addition to chat, chatbots also have greater potential waiting to be developed.

statistic_id656596_chatbot-market-worldwide-2016-and-2025Grand View Research. n.d. Size of the chatbot market worldwide, in 2016 and 2025 (in million U.S. dollars). Statista.

For example, for companies, chatbot is a gracious and intelligent brand spokesperson who can introduce visitors to the company’s top technology, data mining and supporting the human resource. From the merchants’ aspect, chatbot is a caring and efficient shopkeeper, it can recommend the most suitable journey and investment project for visitors. Chatbots which can directly and intuitively start interaction without additional installation, can of course be an assistant who integrates physical location information, providing exhibition guides, on-site promotions.


Chatbots & Artificial Intelligence

In short, because of the popularity of chatbot technology, for the first time, people can easily apply “artificial intelligence” to the community and business. Therefore, the marketing staff of the operating community can obtain technical support, technical person can also get a community of practical skills.

For the chatbot to have enough wisdom to talk with the customers, there must still be technical support such as machine learning and deep learning. However, the recent attention of these two technologies and the many open source communities that have emerged in succession have made machine learning possible. The development of such fields as deep learning has made great progress in recent years.

As a result, artificial intelligence has long been a distant dream. Now when you want to build a chatbot, you no longer have to grope, construct, or train an artificial intelligence engine from scratch. You can establish the goal of a chat robot and devote its energy to a deeper level.


Some of the best intelligent Chatbots online you may like to chat with :

  1. Rose: Rose is one of the chatbots that is highly humanized.
  2. Mitsuku: One of the best chatbots, the winner of the Loebner Prize
  3. Poncho: A messenger designed bot, it is very friendly and helpful for daily life, it can even send alerts about the condition of the weather.
  4. Andy: Andy chatbot was customized for learning English, except the chatting function, it also gives out grammar lessons and vocabulary every day.


Examples of companies that have adapted chatbots

JPMorgan Chase: Their bot, COIN, is able to analyse the legal contracts more efficiently than human lawyers, this bot has helped them saved more than 360,000 hours of manpower! As for the future, they are aiming to use the bots to establish some new sources of revenue.

Asos: By using the messenger chatbot, Asos has increased their annual orders by 300%, at the same time they managed to reach 35% more potential customers.

KLM: By implementing the messenger chatbot, KLM has increased 40% of their interactions with customers, 15% of the customers download their boarding pass on the chatbot. The chatbot integration did not only increased their revenue, but also increased the brand loyalty.  


How will chatbots be impacting the human workforce?

While chatbots becomes more and more useful, companies started to implement this tool into different departments with different usages. At the same time, it impacts the workforce in different levels.

  1. Customer services:In terms of customer services, Drift’s chatbot report has stated that, most of the customers now prefer to communicate with a chatbot in several circumstances. When they wanted to get a quick response, when they are searching an answer for a simple question or the ability to get a 24-hour service.However, shown in the survey, in some of the situations, people still prefer to communicate with a human. For instance, while dealing with complex problems, the customers would rather talk to an expert such as an engineer. Besides, people feel more ease while communicating with people in the phone, email or live chat.Indeed, it is efficient to use chatbots as a supplement to the human workforce, however, it doesn’t mean to replace all of them. As while chatbots cannot replace emails and phone, businesses will still need human when it comes to answering the technical and complex questions.
  2. Human Resource department:For the HR department, nowadays, chatbots are already performing some basic HR roles. The most common feature will be the FAQs, when employees are asking questions such as “How many holidays do I have left?” or “When is the next pay day?”.Except of the chat function, chatbots can also be used in assisting the recruiting process, on boarding and training, schedule meetings and company policies questions.The change doesn’t mean that the jobs that are related to HR is under a threat, however, it means that humans have to change their roles in some ways and work on more important strategic tasks.




Chatbots: The future of training?

While chatbots are normally being seen as a standardized service with regular conversations. In fact, chatbots are now developing into a wider scope of application:

  1. New employee on boarding and training
  2. New manager training
  3. Diversity and inclusion training


It has been proved that, nowadays, people expect the online service to be instant, their questions and their requests can ideally be handled immediately. That’s why chatbots now have an important role. Not only providing the instant reply, a 24-hour service and also giving the answers to simple questions consumers might have. Indeed, technology improves the speed, automation and efficiency in the workforce. Which means that people have to re-position their roles given the more time and chance to focus on the more value-based tasks.



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