Is our service only working on LinkedIn?

Yes, but a form is available on your GetEmail dashboard to reconstitute the email address. Indeed, by clicking on “Create New prospect” you have to write the first name, the last name and the domain name of the person you would like to contact, and we will give you the email address.

Do we also find telephone numbers?

GetEmail is only able to find email addreses and extract information from LinkedIn profiles but we do not find telephone numbers because it’s extremely hard to find a direct line, and mobile phone numbers. Most of the tools which exist today are not very reliable.

Why do GetEmail find personal email addresses?

When our application find a personal email address, that means that the person chose deliberately to be contacted through this email address because it appears on his/her LinkedIn profile.

Who are your biggest customers?

We have an international clientele from all the industries. Our biggest customers are Oxalide, the web provider and Altares Dun & Bradstreet.

Who is your main target?

Our main customers are business developers, salespersons and people who work in the marketing department and would like to send emailing campaign for example. Recruiters also like our tool because it allows them to find the best applicants.

How many users do we have ?

We have more than 1000 users, and tens of registrations everyday !

What information do you have on your dashboard?

First of all, you find your prospect list (people you found through LinkedIn or through the form), with the following information : first name, last name, email address, website, position, Twitter account (if there is one). You can also subscribe to one of our different subscriptions by clicking on “Upgrade subscription”, contact us to buy a prospect list, watch our demo video or even integrate our API key into Pardot.

How can you reinstall the extension?

To reinstall our extension, you have to click on the following link :

and click on Add to Chrome.

Is GetEmail only available on Google Chrome?

For the moment, GetEmail is only available on Google Chrome, the most used search engine.

How can you contact us?

It is very simple ! Here is our telephone number, where our marketing/customer relations department will be happy to help you and answer all your questions : 0033184212370

You can also get in touch with us by email : [email protected] and [email protected]

Why are our prices in USD?

We use this currency because it’s more simple since we have a lot of international users. That’s also the reason why our website is written in English.

Why do the email research is so long?

We do a lot of tests to make sure the email address you are looking for is correct.

Can I take a plan for my company?

If several people in your company are interested in subscribing to GetEmail, it’s possible to have a shared account in order to centralise your research.

Is there a way to automate the research?

We offer you the possibility to use our API key that allows you to automate your research.

We also offer a database system where we find for you the prospects and provide you a full list.

Do we have a partnerhsip with LinkedIn?

We do not have any partnership with LinkedIn because we don’t get into their database at all. We only “scan” the public data.

Which CRM is GetEmail integrated to?

For the moment, GetEmail is only integrated to Pardot. However, if you use another marketing automation tool, or a another CRM software, you can send us a request by email.


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