On a daily basis Getemail acquires more and more credence amongst businesses around the world. Here is testimony for you, from Harrison Gray Search based in the US within the staffing and recruiting industry.

Harrison gray search

  • What challenges did you face prior to using Getemail ?

‘It can be challenging for us to reach out to new client via email, without knowing their address and can spend a lot of time guessing what it could be/searching for it.’

  • How did Getemail contribute to improve the quality of your daily tasks/missions ?

‘Yes, this provides an easier way for me to get in touch with potential clients or

  • Did Getemail help you reach your objectives (if yes please briefly explain how) ?

‘This saved me a lot of time, instead of searching sites to see if there is a directory,
guessing what emails could be or just not sending emails because I give up–this got me
to potential clients quickly.’

  • Is Getemail integrated in your Business strategy ?

‘We are trying it out and I think it could be very helpful for us.’

If you would like to discuss futher how Getemail can benefit your business, get in touch !!



                                                           Laura Quintard

                                                                                                                                       Chief Marketing Officer  GetEmail.io






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