Building an email list from scratch can seem difficult, especially if you don’t have enough time and want to complete it quickly and effectively.

We have come across many businesses that once felt it highly challenging to build email lists for their marketing efforts.

What’s your experience? How long have you been conducting email marketing campaigns?

If you are new to email marketing tools, I would like to ask you, how much of your time do you spend finding email addresses?

And, if you have been using email lookup tools such as, how much of your time is saved and how effective are your campaign results now?

It’s undeniable that compared to the past, when one had to search through directories or yellow pages, things are now relatively simple, thanks to all the cutting-edge technologies that are readily available on the market.

Right from predicting the email format, extracting email addresses from LinkedIn, Gmail, etc., or validating the email address, everything is covered by these AI based email search tools.

Even though there is a wide variety of tools available, you need to select the ones that are most appropriate for your needs., for example, is an excellent option for B2B email marketing.

Long story short, email marketers are no longer required to conduct manual search queries or explore social profiles manually to get email addresses. It’s all taken care of by email finder tools.

Building email lists is made even easier!

So far, the fastest way to find email addresses has been using email lookup tools like, where you enter a person’s first name, last name, and company domain and the tool provides you with accurate email address format.

The tool lets you find single email addresses as well as perform a bulk search process.

Have you tried this before? In case you haven’t, you could give it a try by signing up for the freemium plan.

The curious mind of humans never lets a man to settle for what is already there and entice them to look for something greater.

And that’s why software around us keeps upgrading faster. For example, recently, nearly five new features were introduced in extension for Gmail/Outlook/Salesforce.

One of the features is the extension popup.

With this feature, it is even easier to build your B2B email list.

You just have to head to your desired company website and open the extension for chrome.


In a few seconds, you can get professional email addresses and then go on connecting with people that matter for your business.

Introducing the extension pop-up

For those wishing to extract email addresses from websites, it is so easy with the handy extension for chrome.

You are just one click away from your prospects’ email addresses with this extension.

This strategy is ideal when you require leads contacts but simply know their corporate websites.

Here’s how you can get started:

  • In your browser, pin the extension to your address bar.
    extract email from any website
  • Go to the page you want and click on the extension icon to bring up the pop-up with the employees’ information.
  • You can export the email addresses of your desired prospects associated with this company into a handy spreadsheet.

More about the Web Scraper

  • web scraper is the simplest way to build your leads database, as it just takes a single click to fetch the details.
  • You could be ensured of collecting high-quality contacts from any website you visit by enabling the “valid emails” option, and eventually build targeted lead lists of people that matter for your business.
  • What if you disable “valid emails”?In that case, you will get inaccurate email address format too which leads to a reduced email list quality. Hence it is recommended to keep it enabled.Besides this, our algorithm gets the list of bounced back emails that were previously found on different searches and those reported by the users. Hence, disabling valid emails will show you those bad emails as well.
  • If you are looking for a specific prospects’ contact, you can select the email addresses of just those you need or you can export the entire result in bulk as spreadsheets.
  • These emails that you get from the extension is pre-verified. You can also test it using the email verifier.
    GetEmail Extension
  • The extension helps you save a lot of time with prospecting and improves your deliverability.

And if you are still thinking whether to go for email finder extension to build your email list, continue reading to learn the importance of effective lead acquisition.

Every sale starts with a lead

Email leads

You need to keep adding to your pool of leads to ensure continuous sales.

As you know, you’ll never miss the water till the well runs dry, hence never let your pool of leads run dry.

There are many ways to get the leads. In fact, there are companies that operates on generating lead database for other companies’ demand.

Now, the question is, do you need to buy lists from third parties?

Not necessarily!

You could optimize your lead acquisition process using web scrapping tool and bypass the middleman.

And then, when you purchase your list of leads from someone else, you are less likely to know the origin of your leads.

Contrarily, with email web scraper, you are extracting emails from your desired domain.

What else is stopping you? Is it that you find the manual search process going well?

But once you start growing, things will turn upside down and manual search process can get you only limited leads.

Let us discuss more about this.

What if you have just entered business?

Even if you are at the early stage of your business, there is going to be a point where you will realize the need to automate your processes.


And when it comes to automating lead generation, nothing helps better than a good email extractor. It speeds up the process of acquiring leads and makes your marketing and sales campaigns more effective thereby increasing your conversions. email extractor has multiple email finding features, one of which is collecting leads from any website within seconds.

Concluding thoughts

As discussed, you can now find the email address of your prospect in the blink of an eye and fill your sales funnel with quality leads.

The internet is full of information, from social media platforms to directory sites to websites. The more well-versed you are at leveraging this information, the more successful your sales efforts will be.

Especially with email extractors like, you can get access to your desired prospects’ email address from their company website, LinkedIn, Salesforce, etc.

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