To have good results with your email marketing campaigns, especially in terms of open rate, you have to personalize your message. Many marketers say that personalization is the key to acquire and retain customers. Your open rate can increase frome 35% to 50%, and your click rate, by 15%.

  • Ensure that your segmentation is pertinent : The more your segmentation criteria are varied, the more your emails will be relevant. It’s impossible to personalize without a good segmentation. Tools such as SendinBlue and Sarbacane allow you to do so.
  • Basic personalisation vs Precise personalization : You can choose to use declarative data (first name, last name,…) or choose a more precise personalization thanks to the buying behaviour or the context. For example : those who didn’t use your service, those who made a purchase in the last days, etc.
  • Creation of dynamic content : Some tools such as Movable Ink allow you to personalize automatically your contents, depending on the sending time or on the localisation of the prospect when you’re sending him your email. In other words, you adapt your message to the context. For example, you can send an email marketing campaign with a promotion in accordance with where your recipient is or with the number of purchases he has done. As a result, you can send several versions of a same message to your prospects/customers without defining the personalization yourself.


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