Now that you found good prospects likely to be interested by your offer, there is an essential step that allows you to contact a high number of people in record time : the email marketing. You will contact cold propects, that is to say people you’ve never talked to before. Here are the key points on how to successfully cold email potential contacts :

♦ Choose an appropriate sender name : You have to make it easy for your prospect to understand who the message comes from. You can use the name of the company or your own name.

♦ Do not overlook the subject line : It has to prompt the opening of the email. Avoid using spam trigger words such as free, money, click, etc… ; and also the capital letters, at risk of ending up in the spams. It can be also possible (and efficient) to put the name of the person you would like to contact in the subject line (example : To John Smith).

♦ The shaping : Nobody wants to receive an email that request time to read it, and even less the CEO of a company who doesn’t have any minute to waste. The imagery has to be nice, without big paragraphs. You can use lists, with numbers at the beginning of your sentence for example.

♦ Introduce yourself ! : In the first lines of your message, do not hesitate to introduce yourself in order to lay the foundations of a welcoming first contact with your prospect. Specify in a few words what is your job, and why you would like to get in touch with your prospect.

♦ Pay attention to the content of your message : Use simple words, go the the main point. Be clear with who you are and what you offer. You can even create a “double levels reading” using bold letters. Do not forget to insist on the benefits on your product.

Your email also has to encourage your prospect to do something : visit your website, accept a phone call appointment, etc… You can end up your email asking a question to provoke a reply.

♦ And last but not least… the reminders ! : Do not send more than 4 email reminders. After your first email, if your prospect didn’t reply, wait at least 2-3 days before contacting him again. This first email reminder is useful to know if your prospect received your message. Do not follow up everyday, you would run the risk of irritating the person you’re sending the email to.

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