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Some potential users feel threatened by GetEmail.io, because we “help marketers SPAM” people, so they say. While these fears are totally understandable, this could not be further from the truth. Let’s look a bit closer into this.

First, let’s see the definition of SPAM: “Spamming is the use of messaging systems to send an unsolicited message (spam) to large numbers of recipients for the purpose of commercial advertising” (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spamming). This definition implies 2 notions: 1. unsolicited message 2. large numbers of recipients.

Now, let’s look at how GetEmail.io works, by who it is used, and how the pricing works. Our service can only be used to find professional email addresses, never consumer ones. It is used by Marketing, Sales & Recruiting Agencies, for business purposes. We offer a free service for basic use, up to 10 email requests / month, and then paid plans, which span from $49 to $399 / month for intensive users.

Finally, here’s why GetEmail.io cannot be used for SPAM:

-because our service is only used in B2B, and not B2C, there aren’t that many prospects by market (for example, you have billions of consumers to be sold iPhones for example, but only a thousands of hospitals worldwide for a pharmaceutical company). So by definition, you can’t send “large numbers” of emails.

-because almost all the time, B2B markets have so few prospects, that they need to highly personalize their approach, and target them wisely, to protect their reputation

-suppose a “crazy dude” would decide to use GetEmail.io for SPAM purposes. Because it would be SPAM, he would first have to purchase large numbers of emails, which would cost a lot of money (remember, GetEmail.io is free for 10 credits / month, but is a paid service for intensive use). Because it would be untargeted SPAM, the conversion rates would be very low, so those SPAM emails would generate a small revenue. So, at the then of the day, he would spend a lot of money on purchasing emails, but he would generate a small revenue. His business would never be profitable.

GetEmail.io is structurally built to avoid SPAM. It’s more than a question of morality or legality, it’s just too costly to use GetEmail.io for SPAM, it’s not profitable.

As a matter of fact, GetEmail.io is used by B2B companies, to get in touch with small and hightly targeted B2B leads. This is why it works, this is the only way to make it efficient and profitable.


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