You probably already asked yourself why you should use GetEmail while there are some other existing services that do almost the same job. We are going to help you understand better. Please note that our success rate (percentage of email addresses we find) is currently around 70% (we were around 40% when we started, it shows how fast we are developing our activity), we have an enthusiastic and skilful team who works hard to provide you an efficient service that answers all of your needs, no matter how diversified they are.

When you sign up on GetEmail, you have one free and unlimited week of test, so that you can try our application and see by yourself how useful our tool is. Our price-quality ratio is pretty competitive, our aim is to maximise your satisfaction.

Besides, when our application finds an email address, the reliability rate is over 90%, only 10% of the email addresses are wrong ! As a result, GetEmail is, once again, a key player on the market of the email finding tools.

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